Monday, December 13, 2010

Dear Solitude

How I avoid you, how much I need you.  I know you are finally cleansing me of the burdens I place upon myself.  You free me of demands to keep busy, keep talking, keep reaching, keep doing.

How bored I can become without the clang of conversation and the reassurance of others.  "Entertain me," "Comfort me," "Be proud of me," "Fix me," conversation often screams.  How frequently we demand of each other the love we already contain. 

I'd love to echo the Franciscan prayer, "May I seek to understand more than to be understood."

Solitude, I wish to honor you.  To be peacefully alone for a period of time, not forever.  To face my thirst to be distracted.  To sit in this place without my searching.  Without my speaking.  "Put away the other gods", a soft voice sings.  Like God on the seventh day, it is finished for now.  I find my patient soul waiting in the quiet, ready for renewal.


  1. Quiet time is so nourishing, energizing our thoughts with reflection and insights that sometimes get crowded out by the conversations of the day. It's necessary, I think, to grow in a way.

  2. You are so eloquent, and so accurate - why do we avoid this solitude? It's as if we're afraid of who we might find ourselves to be in that great silent space.