Saturday, December 4, 2010

Let Us Embody Love

I remember the day the roses came and I set them on my table.  I floated all night long; they were so vibrant and full of warm, loving energy.  Although they eventually died, I still have the most perfect image of them in my mind.  These fleeting moments are all part of living.  And to live fully, we must be able to love without fear, knowing that we are blessed enough to be able to love, that not everything has to be directly reciprocated, that we must hold on like we'll never let go, but when the time comes to let go, we must do so and accept grief as it comes.  The ability to feel the totality of emotions is an amazing gift that makes me want to continue to love myself and others this way.
(Originally Written: 12-27-2007)


  1. I love your writing. You paint with words the way an artist paints with color. There is a sense of peace and beauty in your lines.

  2. Thanks for this thoughtful compliment. It makes me want to write more. I enjoy your art very much. :) :)