Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Like Mary

Today is a day of renewed faith.  Today I say, "I want faith like Mary's," and I imagine God smiling at me with his radiant, sun-like smile, taking my hand when I fall, forgiving me when I fail.

Today, I imagine the glowing face of Mary, enamored by God.  I imagine the healing light surrounding her womb, her womb that would bear the divine treasure, Jesus.  My prayer today is a "Thank You" and a "Yes."  In each movement of this day, I will feel the words, "Thank You" and echo the "Yes" Mary said.


  1. This is a beautiful sentiment about Mary. Very well written with great feeling and a wonderful attitude.

  2. It's wonderful to be so inspired to live with a positive attitude ... Thanks for stopping by my blog, I enjoyed browsing here.

  3. TY so much for your visit and kind comment! You are a talented writer and I enjoyed looking at your other posts!
    I love oriental gardens too--we have a PNW Japanese-style one on our land with koi! I enjoy it although it is still a work in progress--but then so am I:)
    Blessings, Aimee