Friday, December 10, 2010

My Favorite Fortune Cookie

I woke up this morning sniffly, slightly stressed, and feeling a bit lonely.  As I checked my email, my mood lifted and I felt a wave of happiness come over me when I saw I had seven unread messages.  No spam or business promotions, I had only messages from friends and responses to my blog posts.

I then realized during the moment (which is pleasantly unusual for me) that this attention was encouraging, but that I shouldn't always expect it or feel disappointed when I don't receive it.  I felt relieved to not be captive to what kind of attention I receive from people and instead to focus more on the joy that is in giving to others.

I also realized that there is joy in creating, and while positive feedback feels good, it is better to create for the sake of creating, not for feedback or results.  That alleviates the pressure to have amazing results every time. 

"Do it because you love it," says a fortune cookie that I received.  And I will.


  1. This is so true. Do what you what you do

  2. Such valuable words, Jade. I agree that there is joy in creating, both for you and the one viewing what you've created also feels joy. Keep your focus on the good - I love reading your entries. Your words convey a beautiful sense of gentleness, peace and kindness. You've added a little more of these things to my day, Kate

  3. I agree, it's wonderful to live our passions. Often part of the beauty of doing so comes from the connections it makes with others :)