Monday, December 27, 2010

What's A Small Stone? and Art Guidelines

I've come across an intriguing challenge from the website, a river of stones. The event: National Small Stone Month (NaSmaStMo).  The basics: Pay attention in January and write a short poem a day.  Be less critical.  Be more consistent.  Click the link above if you want to know more and/or would like to join in on the fun!  I doubt I'll post all of mine.  I plan to store them all in a marble notebook.

    My art supplies (a very much appreciated Christmas gift) should arrive right before the new year.  Hopefully, I'll get to start off 2011 with a watercolor painting.

    Finding balance:

    Don't procrastinate, but don't rush to begin either
    , I've decided. Even when the excitement is bustling inside, I plan to take time to set up and get comfortable first, instead of plopping down in my chair any way I happen to fall and rushing my work. 

    Don't be a perfectionist, but don't be careless. 
    Don't be judgmental, but notice what could be better next time
    , if anything stands out for you.

    These are just my little guidelines.  Of course some people might like to be very spontaneous and quick with their art, (like a Pollock abstract style, for example.) 

    Thanks to anyone who reads this blog and thanks to those who comment.  I really appreciate the feedback I receive.  Your support means a lot to me and inspires me to write and create more.

    Last, here's an example of a small stone, one that I wrote recently:

    Winter solstice -
    setting sun glazes over
    the sidewalk cracks


    1. This is inspiring. Thank you.

    2. Oh, I love the first one! I may just have to make my own river of stones this January. :)

    3. Jade, you see the beauty in the smallest of things. A true artists eye.