Monday, January 17, 2011

On Writing Small Stones (And A Few Of My Own)

It's a challenge to write when we're uninspired, when nothing extraordinary leaps out. Most of the time, the reason there is such a resistance to writing during these times is the expectation. There's an expectation to write very well, to say something groundbreaking or different, and in the struggle to write something unique, we may not write at all or remove the joy from creating.

Something unique and different won't always stand out to us.  Often it's simple observations that can evoke clarity and brilliance. The observation may occur during a morning chore:

first blush of sunrise:
rinsing out the wine glasses
the sink glimmers pink

We may miss the moment if we're so occupied with distracting thoughts and worries. But noticing that we're distracted can help bring us back to the present. The act of returning brings a wonderful sense of tranquility and quietness.

the clouded shroud—
bare branches sharply pointing
to white hushed sky

Other times it may occur naturally. We don't have to put in much effort at all. This is a moment of grace and can be rare. It shouldn't necessarily be wished for, or else that can prevent us from experiencing this simple grace.

The soprano sleeps
while a wooden flute
delivers the dulcet
song of morning

What beauty have you seen today?


  1. What a lovely blog post, and so true.

  2. very true post, there is so much to notice to inspire us, if we look! I had a lovely walk along the river today,

  3. This is a breathtaking entry, Jade. In the interest of time, I stopped doing the small stones. You invite me to rethink that decision. Wonderful.

  4. True words, and thoughts. I often stop myself, look around and just 'watch' the world around me. It's amazing what you see...

  5. Oh, what a wonderful post! This is why I've enjoyed writing my small stones because I've had to sharpen my senses and try to be aware of things around me. Somedays it works better than others though...
    I sadly cannot think of anything beautiful I have observed today. *sigh*

  6. Oh, I like what you said about thinking that we need to write something profound and unique and that thought can stifle us. And, it's really not true. I get the best responses when I write something that I think anyone could observe. And, that's just it, I have captured in words the experiences of many. Write on, Jade! You're doing fabulous. Oh, it's beautiful here, just horribly cold. I experienced beauty in friendship today. That warmed me up.

  7. I witnessed the most gorgeous winter sunrise :)

    I think sometimes we have to push past the material we think is less than our best -- keep writing even when we think it's inconsequential -- eventually we break through our rut, and I think the writing is better for it. Like so much in life, it's practice.

  8. this is lovely and so true
    its funny and frustrating that sometimes when the desire to write is the strongest, its hardest to write something youre happy with
    i really resonate with this
    new follower x