Friday, January 28, 2011

Portrait of a Young Lady

I wrote this poem for Big Tent Poetry.  This week's prompt was to choose a portrait photograph and write a poem about the subject from the photographer's perspective.  The photographer cannot be yourself though.

Here is my poem, lovelies.


Portrait of a Young Lady

If my skills are anything close
to what they used to be,
you will see
yellow-tinged grass
and dry, unwashed weeds
framing a young lady’s
scrunched nose smile.

She is necklace-less.
She has a small gap between her front teeth.
She is not among the brilliant roses,
her laugh reverberates,
this cone flower lady-child.

She woke me from the frenzy.
I am no longer
a desperate paparazzi,
I am content here.
Among the yellow-tinged grasses
among the unwashed weeds,
perhaps I’ve captured her well
and she has even more skillfully
captured me.


My recent commitment to more time spent alone has resulted in a lot of unexpected creativity!  My plan for this retreat time is to worry out loud less, talk out any concerns with God more, read more printed books, listen to music (especially Classical, New Age, and Indie/Folk music), and trust my personal wisdom.


  1. You did a fine job getting into the photographer's head with this. The emotional involvement of the photographer, and the observations, are well played.

    (And thanks for your comment on 'Continuance')

  2. You really got me into. I liked the thoughts that were going in my mind while reading it.

    singular thoughts

  3. I felt as though I could almost see her. She sounds so familiar and that feeling like the rest of the world has moved away, given one this moment to hold. Wonderful,


  4. I felt as if I were inside the photographer's mind. Nicely done.

  5. I like the calm, reflective tone whereby as photographer you note the passing of more tumultuous times, the onset of calm and the endurance of love. An excellent response to the prompt.

  6. I too really felt as if I were in the photographer's head. A fascinating experience!

  7. I love this! Jade, you have a wonderful way with words. :)

  8. Beautiful! but omg I really loved the last 3 lines

  9. Jade, gorgeous. I especially love "unwashed weeds" and "cone flower lady child".

  10. I love the view you've witnessed! Intriguing words that expose the photo!

  11. Some compelling images in this. I love it.

  12. What a wonderful poem, Jade! I especially loved the last three lines.

    This concept makes me think of a story/novel I've been writing for the past year or so. One day I was looking at a photograph and it inspired me to write a story about the subject of the photo and the person who took it. I'm hoping to finish it sometime this year.

    Indie/Folk music = LOVE! :)

  13. This is just lovely! How talented you are. x

  14. I was waiting for the photo, Jade, but you did such an exquisite job of description I could experience it. So glad your time alone is tickling your muse and your Spirit.

    Mine is a bit grim:

  15. I like the way you turned it around, in that the subject actually worked almost as a mirror, reflecting the photographer in the way they captured the image.

  16. Beautiful piece here... I love the ending!


  17. I love that last line. That the girl is found other than in roses.