Saturday, April 9, 2011

Home (A Three Part Experimental Poem)

i. sleepless
still awake,
a simple cotton sheet cloaks me in.
coconut cream, strong and smooth,
brings me mismatched dreams.

ii. soundless
vacuum cleaner hum.
if only i had shiny vase-like silence,
clean water silence,
…echoes… and …echoes… of nothing
but the swish of white-tipped grains.

iii. effortless
the shedding of this repugnant ((shell)):
a new bracket to be filled is found:
i nest inside my eternal home.


  1. Miss,
    Please pardon my intrusion. I fortuitously stumbled upon your site today and seriously contemplated not leaving a comment but your poetry moves me in the most unexpected way! I so appreciate your words and the heart they come from.

    Kindest Thoughts

  2. what great words you have!

    stopping in from the A to Z to say hello

  3. your words are beautiful.. :)

  4. Lovely, I particularly like the 'mis-matched dreams' and the bracketing round shell

  5. Ohhh! Oh! This is so lovely, Jade! Part II was my favourite. I love the words you chose to describe silence. I often find myself longing for those things.

  6. I like your use of textures and smells. The cotton sheet, the smell of coconut creams, and the way you use the title headings to progress the story. From sleepless to soundless to effortless. Great symmetry.