Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Kindling The Inner Fire

There are days when we feel cold and uninspired.  We may sit and think of a thousand things that are wrong, or just feel quietly sad, and have no desire to write, create, or pray.  During these times, it helps to remember our inner spark, no matter how small it feels.

It might be our own frail voice whispering the words, "Jesus, Jesus," or a familiar song that brings us back to our Source.  It could be the smell of our favorite soap or scented lotion, or even a candle's swaying flame.  It could be the rain. 

All of these things come from the One who cares for us.  Even if we don't feel immediately better, we can call upon that spark, that Holy Spirit within, and begin to kindle the inner fire again.


  1. hmmm...thought provoking. I usually do NOT feel inspired or creative...and now that I think of it..I look for it outside myself..I'm looking in the wrong place!!

  2. Lovely - seek grace within - always there somewhere.

  3. It is amazing the way God speaks to us if only we keep ourselves open to his call.
    Beautiful! Thank you!

  4. Great post! It's amazing how many things the Lord sends our way to rekindle that fire.


  5. Sweet. Your whole blog is impeccably gentle and wide open. I appreciate your sincerity too.

    Keep up the great work, I'll keep stopping by.

  6. I have been enjoying your posts even though I haven't commented. They are calm and refreshing and a good reminder to look to God. Thank you.