Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Worries for God, Pt. 2

For persistent worries, it is relieving to write them down on a piece of paper and give them to God, like I described in Worries for God.

At the same time, we don't want to become so focused on the problems that we forget about our purpose.  It would be exhausting to keep track of how God is doing with our worries.  It is far easier to trust him and realize that the worries are less important than him, so another practice is to replace the thought of the problem with the thought of God's strength and care for us. 

(Trying not to think of a problem without choosing a new focus can make us think of it more. Our new focus is God.  We keep coming back to God each time our mind wanders to the problem.)

This focus could involve listening to a devotional song or an instrumental piece and really hearing it.  It could involve visualizing an image of Jesus, or imagining the light of Jesus protecting us and feeling it cleanse our body and mind.

All it asks of us is a mustard seed of faith.  It doesn't require great faith, but a miniscule desire to be healed and to give ourselves to God.

Through this practice, we learn that Jesus heals and that our problems are ant-sized compared to our Lord, no matter how big they may appear to us at the time. 

*Try not to worry if your worry returns, just keep redirecting your attention to God.  Reading an encouraging bible passage and memorizing it is very valuable, too.*

*Don't aim for perfection.  If you feel a little better, enjoy your feeling of gratitude and realize that small progress is progress.*


  1. I love this. I have always struggled with prayer. I have to work at it everyday. Its a difficult thing, but its what keeps me from being alone in this world. Becuase I know I am not. :)

  2. A wonderful follow-up to your previous post.

    Don't aim for perfection. If you feel a little better, enjoy your feeling of gratitude and realize that small progress is progress.
    Thank you for this! I will definitely keep it in mind.

  3. I appreciate your visit and comment ... and the insights you have shared here.

  4. I,ve read the previous post and this post is a fabulous follow-up to it!...prayer is what keeps me sane when dark sets in my life and I feel all alone in the dark.fabulous insights my dear,and lovely,lovely blog!

  5. Great wisdom Jade - it's all where we direct our focus and energy. Give the worries to the one with the outstretched arms.

  6. Good advice - how often people I talk with define themselves by a problem or issue that may be years old. They give them to prayer or even confession and then pick them up again on the way out... so sad when God is willing to release them. m+x

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  8. This is a most excellent companion to your last post. I'm glad you did this too. I especially appreciated those last two notes at the end.

  9. Speaking of gratitude, I've also used my journal to write down the good things - a gratitude journal, or a joy journal. If you make a conscious effort to record the goodness, see the light, then you will feel lifted up.

  10. I remember have a God box years ago ... thank you for reminding me of this! Beautiful posts!

  11. It could mean making a list of our blessings, too, watching the sunrise, admiring the moon.

    As always, such a peaceful, serene message. I do love dropping by your blog.

  12. This is very wise advice--thank you. I've tried to keep my mind off of something that was troubling me lately, and now I feel so much better. God really does help when ask, although often in unexpected ways.