Saturday, June 18, 2011

After Hours of Technology

After hours of technology, my paper journal and pen renew me. 
Writing by hand requires refreshing effort and brings release.


  1. This is lovely and so true. It is so satisfying & soothing to fill pages with one's own inky writing.

  2. I agree. I brought my journal with me to Perkins this morning, and while I waited for my van to get serviced, I enjoyed the company of pen, paper, and free thought.

  3. Nothing will ever replace the senastion of holding or writing in a book.

  4. I'm a tech geek, but I enjoy just writing freely by hand sometimes.

  5. Just lately I have been writing with pen and paper again. You are right it is both different and refreshing.

    By the way, I love the look of your blog - it is beautiful. :-)

  6. Melee, Love your phrase "inky writing" :) There's something so special about both writing and seeing your own words in ink.

    Mary, What a great idea! Must help with having patience while having to wait.

    Barry, I agree. Physical, tangible things have a certain charm.

    Alex, I also love technology and find it hard to tear myself from it at times (lol), but the breaks for me are very enjoyable. Thanks for coming by.

    Susannah, Thank you! I'm glad you like the blog design.

  7. Beautiful Jade, the beauty of the writing, the unique markings on a page...all speak to the individual. Sometimes we need to step away from the technology and see the beauty in simplicity. Great post!

  8. Yeah, sometimes I just need to get out the notebook and get away from the laptop. The internet distracts me when I should be working on the book!

    The Write Soil

  9. Ahhhh yes. Now, if only my penmanship was as neat as it was before the digital age ...

    God Bless.

  10. Andie, Simplicity, yes... I was thinking the same. :) By the way, I'm so glad to see you feeling better!

    Dawn, I know what you mean... the internet makes procrastination easy. Good to see you here! Thanks for your comment.

    Michael, LOL, I can totally relate to this idea. I guess it gets better with more practice. :) :)

  11. Words are so heavy, they hang onto my pen, force themselves through my fingertips until I can't contain them any longer. They rush onto my page with the grace of an elephant and I'm left exhausted. Yes, writing by hand is refreshing.

  12. There is something uniquely satisfying about writing via pen and paper. I love your journal by the way -- very pretty :)

  13. The thing is ... I now find it difficult writing long hand with a pen or pencil. It's all scribbles and I get tired. Quicker to tap a keyboard.

    I tried tapping fast on a piece of paper but nothing happened !!!

    God bless.

  14. ab, thanks, I love collecting pretty journals. :)

    Victor, It might get better with practice... Although different things work for different people :) Thanks for your comment and blessings to you in return.

  15. That's true, but I think writing by hand is the most beautiful way to show words. It's like writing letters, it takes an effort to write one, and bring it to the post office, ... but isn't it so lovely to find a handwritten letter in our mailbox ?

    The most beautiful thing.