Monday, June 6, 2011

Portrait of a Young Lady: Poem

Dear Readers,

I am glad to let you know that a poem of mine was published on Angela's blog, My Poetry and Prose Place. Each Monday during the month of June, Angela will post my poetry, which I had entered into her contest.

Today's poem is Portrait of a Young Lady

Wishing you all a wonderful start to your week!



  1. Congratulations! Will go over and see it now. Thanks for stopping and commenting on my blog. I appreciate your thoughts.

    Have a good week!

  2. I saw your poem on Angela's blog earlier today, and wanted to let you know that I enjoyed reading it ...

  3. Congratulations! I really liked that poem.

  4. That's wonderful, Jade! Both the poem and it being featured on another's blog. :)

  5. So glad to have your stuff on my blog, Jade. It's beautiful.

  6. Mary, Thanks for reading the poem :) :)

    Karen, You're welcome and hope you have a great week too! Great blog you have.

    Joanne, Thanks so much.

    Lumina, Glad you liked it :)

    Melee, Thank you :)

    Angela, Aw, I feel honored to be on there.

  7. I enjoyed this poem Jade, you're a wonderful writer. There's always been a quiet passion to your words that appeals to me.

    Congrats on getting your work out there. :)

  8. Juliet, I'm glad you enjoyed it! :)

    Barry, Thank you for this encouragement.

    I like how you describe my writing as having a "quiet passion." I truly enjoy your writing. The honesty and non-judgmental wisdom in what you write is admirable. :)