Friday, June 24, 2011

Ten Consolations for a Cloudy Morning

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  1. Beginning your practice from where you are and being content with small steps in the desired direction.
  2. A cup of white jasmine tea without any pesky leaves at the bottom of the cup.
  3. Morning light that awakens you like a gentle friend.
  4. Waking up without a bedside clock.
  5. This song and the album, Hazel Eyes, I Will Lead You by Josephine Foster.
  6. "Speaking the truth in love".
  7. Cool summer days that come unexpectedly.
  8. Placing a tassel bookmark in a good book and feeling like you've just arrived home from some distant, enchanted place.
  9. Memorized prayers recited with meaning.
  10. The colors and words, periwinkle and sage.


  1. I especially like number 8. There's nothing like reading a good book that has that way of taking us on a journey.

  2. We've had lots of cloudy, rainy days, too. The sun is really bright this morning. Coffee and blog reading is also a lovely way to start a sunny morning.

  3. Morning light that awakens you like a gentle friend.

    Oh, i really need this... Although, I have to admit that I'm enjoying and simply loving the rain and the cold weather... maybe a little bit more days/mornings with clouds :)

    Reading you, my dear friend, is always a delight! Thank you.

  4. Beautifully written Jade. After reading this, I feel like every morning should be a cloudy morning!

  5. They're all beautiful gifts, but I like number 4 the best :)

  6. Love this list. There's something about cloudy summer days that I just love! And jasmine tea, and sage :)

  7. Very beautiful suggestions - and cloudy mornings often begin with the best of sunrises.

  8. Love #7 especially but all of them make feel great - I do love cloudy days sometimes. :)

    Why no leaves? I like looking at them sometimes too.

  9. Joanne, Books are probably my favorite means of transportation :) :)

    Mary, That sounds relaxing... I love to start my day with a cup of tea.

    Haze, Cloudy days are great opportunities for contemplation, aren't they?
    Thank you. :)I love reading your blog as well!

    Anonymous, Thank you :) :)

    ab, :), it takes a little getting used to but I love it now.

    Amber Lee, glad you enjoyed this!

    Word in the Hand, so true...foggy sunrises are very tranquil.

    Shopgirl, I realized after I posted that I do like leaves at the bottom, but not too many. Sometimes if I'm not careful, I end up with a whole bunch of little leaves and then it makes it hard to drink the tea.
    They are fun to look at, when there aren't too many, in my opinion. :)

  10. I love your list Jade. It's so universal and yet so personal...sounds like you created some sun in the midst of the clouds.

  11. I absolutely love this list; it's so wonderful and uplifting! 3,6,7,8 and 10 are my favourite. :)

  12. This is a scrumptious list! My favourite is, of course, #8. :) (Speaking of bookmarks, I used to not use them and I just memorized the page number. Eventually I got tired of then forgetting the number and having to flip through the book looking for where I left off. So, I love my bookmarks, hehe!)

  13. blush of dawn, i adore this blog title (could be a cool band name)

    peace :)

  14. This is just beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing your simple pleasures.
    I need to remember the little things.

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  16. I love your list Jade and smiled when I reached "The colors and words, periwinkle and sage."
    I am with you on that. :-)

    PS. I love your new header.