Friday, June 3, 2011

What is Peace?

This post is inspired by Ponder this one... by Andie.

For so long, I've been aiming to be the peaceful person I think I've seen in others.  This ideal person would be still, graceful, calm, and composed, and no fear would be revealed on her face, or in her eyes, or in her hands.  Today I woke up with the thought that I could be my own kind of peaceful person.  I can live my own definition of peace. 

Ambrose Redmoon once said, "Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear."

Today I live this personal definition of peace.  To me, peace doesn't mean the relaxed space between eyes, or steady hands, but a kind, loving heart, however hidden.  It means subtle inner joy that comes from Christ even in the midst of fears and anxieties. 

It doesn't mean speaking without stumbling over words or always having a look of calmness in your eyes.  Peace doesn't always show on the outside, and even if others see struggle, that doesn't matter.

As long as our intentions are turned toward God and we are kind, superficial signs of peace matter not. 

We may forget our truth from time to time.  In this temporary forgetting and returning to truth, patience is formed.  The refinement of character is not a journey to one final destination that we'll reach by tomorrow, but a slow, gradual unfolding of our true selves, which God has created.

What does peace mean to you?


  1. Lots to agree with. I discovered peace this week when womeone looked me in the eye and said they didn't believe anything that I stood for and I said ok, that's your choice.
    Blessed journeying m+x

  2. Great advice on finding peace! I especially enjoyed -
    The refinement of character is not a journey to one final destination that we'll reach by tomorrow, but a slow, gradual unfolding of our true selves.
    So true!

    For me, peace would mean finding contentment and satisfaction with the processes of writing and running without dwelling on the ultimate and often unattainable goals, (ie, publishing and racing to win trophies or for PRs.)

    There is meaning in all writing whether it is ultimately published or not and joy is found in the act of running itself, not in a trophy or time. Sometimes I forget these things, and despair that I am writing or running uselessly. At least these past couple of weeks.

    So yeah, peace!

  3. To me (after lots of searching in other sources) it means eyes fixed on God. :)

  4. Word in the Hand, That is a courageous thing to do... It's so important to be ourselves even in adversity.

    Brianna, I agree with all of your thoughts. I've had similar doubts lately...but reading your comment has reminded me of the importance of enjoying what we do.

    Shopgirl, I couldn't agree with you more!

  5. "It means subtle inner joy even in the midst of fears and anxieties."
    That basically sums up what peace is to me. It's having that knowledge of truth; knowing no matter what happens God is in control.

    Though when I hear the word peace my mind instantly conjures an image of someone sitting alone, eyes closed, in some spot in nature like a field or near a river. :)

    That e. e. cummings quote is marvelous. I love his poetry.

  6. For starters ... I love the e.e. cummings quote. How true!

    To answer your question, I think over time, peace for me has come to mean living a more Christ-like life. The farther I stray, the less "at peace" I feel.

    Great post ... God Bless you!

  7. I think it's wonderful that you've found a way to define peace as it pertains to you rather than to others. For me, peace means patience, something I always need more of with my kids.

  8. "The refinement of character is not a journey to one final destination that we'll reach by tomorrow, but a slow, gradual unfolding of our true selves."
    I agree with Brianna; this really is so true!

    To me... I think that peace means two things to me. It means being able to appreciate both happiness and sadness (and choosing to be mostly happy). It also gives a mental image of a group of friends (or, perhaps, a family? They're not much different to me) playing happily; at the surface, they don't seem peaceful at all, but their happiness and love is their peace.