Thursday, August 18, 2011

Panis Angelicus

As the day winds down and dims, I stretch my arms upward, my thinking mind still going.  The day is constantly lit up by the laptop screen, with little problems that appear big with the desire to fix them.
(The landscapers have gone home; hints of dewy grass still remain in the air.  The smell is pleasant and the cooler evening air is a reminder that autumn is on its way.)

And then this song welcomed me inside.  I imagine the song is a cozy house carved inside an enchanted tree, and I'm warm and safe inside there.  Outside, my thinking mind waits for me and hardly knocks on the door. 

His voice quiets me, again and again, and brings me bits of heavenly things:

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  1. Lovely scene of serenity and surrender.

  2. Oh thank you, Jade for this lovely post, photo, and song! I feel like I am in church once again in front of burning candles, the smell of incense lingering in the air and in my hair, and the sound of holy water trickling from the fountain.

    I so do wish the scent of autumn will come around soon! We've been having such drought and temperatures past 100 degrees Fahrenheit! I can't wait for autumn/winter.

    Also, Jade, thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Much appreciated! :) And thanks for adding me to your blog list too! Namaste!

  3. My dear, how do you do that? Always calming my heart every time I read your words. Maybe this is why I am keep on going back. To you, to you.

    Thank you! xx

  4. Loved the handwritten journal page and your ponderings.

  5. Thanks, Shopgirl. That is a beautiful way to describe it. :)

    Ambiguitylotus, your comment is filled with poetry, how lovely!
    wow... Hope it cools off soon over there. I'm also looking forward to Autumn (and colorful leaves.)

    Haze, You are so sweet <3 :) :)

    Thank you, Mary! I've been loving your journal posts.

  6. I listen to this song at Christmastime, so it always reminds me of chilly weather and sweaters and brilliantly lit Christmas trees. Amazing how evocative songs can be, isn't it?

  7. Lovely post. Your words are inviting, and the picture you paint, takes me to a place I'd love to stay just a bit longer. :)

  8. 'Panis Angelicus' is a lovely song, isn't it? I always hear it sung as a Christmas song but I think it works well year round.
    It goes wonderfully well with the peaceful scene you've painted.

  9. One of my favorite church songs in Latin is Tantum Ergo. :) I could sing it all day! This is my first time listening to Panis Angelicus. :)

    And thanks Jade. Happy to know that you found my comment poetic. Didn't realize that until you said it! :)

  10. Meredith, it is interesting how songs can bring us back to different times and different seasons. :)

    Aw thanks, Melee, I enjoyed creating this scene.

    Ambiguitylotus, Never heard Tantum Ergo (at least I don't think I have.) I'll have to check that one out.

  11. I love this photo. Your blog is looking great!

  12. Thank you, Geraldine! :) Good to see you here.

  13. I imagine the song is a cozy house carved inside an enchanted tree, and I'm warm and safe inside there.
    So beautiful!