Monday, August 15, 2011

Writing with Reverence

This morning there was a different type of tea break.  Instead of the usual - hurry to make the tea, impatience as I watch the tea timer, distraction as I listen to music and drink at the same time, all while my thoughts are somewhere else completely, I simply drank my tea.

The preparation was simple.  I considered what I would need and took out the water pitcher, tea, scoop, spoon, cup, saucer, and honey, and then measured the leaves while the water heated on the stove.  While the timer was ticking away, I cleared my desk of my laptop and everything else, except for a few favorite decorations and my fan.  (Okay, the only things on my desk to begin with were my laptop, headphones, and water canteen, but I still think putting these elsewhere made the experience better.)

Sitting there with nothing but a cup of tea made me feel restless.  The quiet felt annoying to me, without music in my ears and my eyes fixed on the computer screen.  Part of me felt that I should continue to drink undistracted, even though I felt in need of entertainment or mental stimulation. 

I took sips and waited in between, listened to the rain tapping the pavement outside my open window, and watched the leaves change patterns at the bottom of my cup.  I began to pray in between the sips and thanked God for a different aspect of my tea time to keep my mind from wandering away from this grace-filled experience.

"Thank you for the honey that sweetens each sip."
"Thank you for the floral flavor of these white jasmine leaves."
"Thank you for the warmth of the water."
"Thank you for sharing this tea time with me."

And sometimes, just the name, "Jesus."

Maybe I could bring this same reverence and peaceful concentration to my writing process.  Maybe I could be conscious of my gratitude for the ability to write, even when I'm stuck momentarily.  To write without distractions that I inflict upon myself would make a difference in my enjoyment and finished piece.  Maybe I could relax into what I'm writing rather than harden to it.  It's a surrender, a peaceful surrender, to persevere, and not give up all together.  I might begin my writing with this intention and end as I did after I drank the last sip of tea - palms touching in front of my heart, and a half smile upon my face.


  1. "Maybe I could relax into what I'm writing rather than harden to it." -- I love, love that line!

  2. What a beautiful post! I haven't just stopped and had a cup of tea with no distractions in forever. I'll have to try it soon!

  3. "To write without distractions that I inflict upon myself..." Oh, how true!

    Thank you for inspiring me with this piece. The line above particularly spoke to me. Clearing space and eliminating distractions ... so important.

    I found your blog from a post at Spiritual Memoirs 101 (FB page) which took me to "2 Encourage".


  4. Thank you ab, Word in the Hand, Meredith, & De for your comments. I'm glad you could find something inspiring in these words. :) Hope you'll come again.

  5. Writing without distractions is a ponderous task for me. I also inflict myself with many. But I am now inspired to try it more often. You always inspire me so much, Jade. Inpsire me to have quiet moments, to savour life, to just be thankful.

    P.S. I like your handwriting! It's so neat and lovely. :)

  6. This is beautiful, what a great idea Jade!

  7. Love this post Jade! Love the handwriting. Looks like it just flows from your thoughts to your page.

  8. Melee, You inspire me, too. You don't know how much I've always wanted someone to compliment my handwriting! hehe

    Barry, Thank you so much. I'm glad to see you here.

    J, I like that you said that it looks like it just flows from my thoughts to the page...that is very nice. Thanks. :)

  9. You are amazing and if there's one thing I want to say about writing, it's that beautiful and inspiring writing like this comes from wonderful writers like you.

    Peaceful, gentle, and beautiful words. I love this.

  10. Haze, This means a lot to me. You are a wonderful writer, too, and a beautiful friend. :)