Friday, November 11, 2011

Plumpy's Poem and A Great Writing Site

If you have ever desired to write a poem, felt in love with the thought of putting your own words to paper and with the act of poetry itself, and excitedly dusted off the old dictionary and books of poems, sat down with brilliant art open before you, only to delete every word you wrote, this post is for you:  This is where I find myself today.  Even though it feels like forgetting how to ride a bicycle, I have hope that poetry will return to me somehow amid rinsing dishes and visiting the RMV.  It seems that stressful busyness can get in the way of creative writing.  The longer I stray from poetry writing, the harder it is to return.  Sometimes a fitting prompt is all one needs!  (I say fitting because not every prompt will spark something for everyone, or will be the right one for them at that particular time.)  Please share any poetry prompts or links to poetry prompts in comments, if you feel like it.

Thought of the day: I imagine that Plumpy* in his Candy Land Heaven is reveling in the poem I was so wanting to write today.

*Plumpy (removed in the 2002 version)
source: a Wikipedia article about Candy Land

P.S. I discovered this brilliant website called 750words.  The idea of it is to write at least 750 words daily.  (The site owner drew his inspiration from "Morning Pages" in The Artist's Way.)  This simple act helps one make writing a habit and can also help in becoming less stuck.  When you've reached the 750 word point for that day, an unobtrusive congratulations notification appears.  You can continue to write beyond the 750 word point.

Old entries are searchable (as opposed to flipping through dozens of paper notebooks and journals for a word or phrase).  There are some interesting stats to explore, such as how often you use the word "I" or which sense was used most in that entry.  There are long-term stats, too. 

Another feature: You can lock your entries (hopefully more secure than those flimsy diary locks) by putting a password on them. 

One thing I love about the site is that it has a minimal writing mode, in which besides the date at the top and the tiny word counter at the bottom, all you see are your words in a nice clear font against the white page.  That combined with my browser on full-screen makes for a distraction-free writing space.  Points and awards are given as well and there's a challenge each month.  I'd be curious to know if any of you sign up.

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  1. Sounds like a good idea - especially with the ability to look back - an on-line scrap book I guess -may give it a try. Thanks, Jade

  2. This post is written for me, then! I am so there right now. I hope we both can clamber out of this slump soon.
    Hm, poetry prompts... I wish I had one. Actually, I do find thinking of words I like the sound of or looking up obscure words to be very inspiring when it comes to writing poetry. :)

    They... got rid of Plumpy? =O How dare they?!

    Ooh, that site sounds interesting! I'll have to look into it; I'll let you know if I decide to join. :)

  3. It looks like a charming website and a great incentive to write every day; thanks for sharing. NaNo is hardcore enough so I'm not going to sign up just yet. I have discovered Write or Die, which is a little bit like 750words, except that it doesn't congratulate you for writing, it punishes you for not writing. Perhaps not so enjoyable on a daily basis, but good for NaNo.

  4. 750 words is a great concept! Anything that encourages writing! I'm doing NaNoWriMo thins month so am not really writing much poetry (apart from haiku and tanka which are short enough to fit it). I think that some time without writing is okay, the words often come back when they want to.

  5. "If you have ever desired to write ... only to delete every word you wrote"

    Pretty much sums up every day for me ;)

    God Bless you.

  6. I shall definitely check out 750 words. Thanks for sharing it with us Jade. x

  7. Great site! I'll check it out after NaNoWriMo :)

  8. Aloha Jade,

    Found you via the Road Trip Wednesday Blog Hop (I'm #216 :) and wanted to say mahalo for the tip re. 750 words. What a simple idea and I'm heading over to sign on :)