Thursday, March 8, 2012

Cecil & Noreen by Patrick Corcoran

You might remember the last post I wrote about Last Light Breaking, the first novel I read by Patrick Corcoran, which I enjoyed very much.

Since then, I read his second novel titled Cecil & Noreen, Cecil being the main character's son from the first book, and Noreen, his wife.

Set in the year 1999 while Cecil is in a Catholic nursing home, the novel centers on the relationship these two characters shared over the years from meeting to marrying, told through the letters Cecil keeps in a locked black cashbox, letters that were written to him by his dear wife Noreen.  Interspersed between chapters are beautifully nostalgic black and white portraits that set the scene and mood for the novel.

One aspect of Cecil & Noreen that stands out to me most is realism, the amount of detail Corcoran includes in the novel to allow us to know the characters insightfully as well as through sensual observations.  There are some gorgeous descriptive passages of the setting, the places they visited, the natural landscape echoing the story's mood.  I recommend this book to anyone who would enjoy a realistic romantic novel with plenty of interesting, lively details and prose that flows gracefully, a novel that encapsulates the many aspects of this life, even the hard ones in which many of us have trouble finding the good.

If you are interested, click here to find this beautiful book.

*Seren Books (Publisher)


  1. This book sounds amazing, like it's full of character development and deep insights. And I love the cover. Beautiful.

  2. Oh, this sounds so wonderful! I love the cover too. They don't have any of Patrick Corcoran's books at the library, so I think I may have to cave and buy one some time! (The penultimate link isn't working, by the way; this could just be me, though.)

    1. Fixed the link, thanks for noticing it. Phew!

  3. This is exactly the type of story I'm constantly searching for. I can't wait to read this, thank you for the recommendation, darling!

  4. The cover makes me a bit teary. I have a thing for old people and their secret life stories. This book looks amazing. I want to read it too. Thanks for sharing this, dear :)