Friday, March 16, 2012

Five Minute Friday: Beautifully Brave

This is my first time participating in Five Minute Friday hosted by The Gypsy Mama.  The rules are to write for five minutes without editing or over-thinking your writing.  It's like "finger painting with words." 

I wrote this exercise by hand first and then typed it up.

I am brave.  I am cowardly.  Could it be that I have been both?

Perhaps there's merit in waking each morning able to rise up out of bed and not lingering there for hours wondering if one should begin the day.

Brave when one submits writing to publications and keeps submitting even though there have been rejections, even when the heart keeps sinking.

Brave when the world is new each day even if we do not always find ourselves ready to be renewed.

Leaping off the diving board into a twelve ft. pool at age eight, the flying and the hard crash into cool water, and then doggie paddling to the ladder.

Meeting my husband for the first time in Manhattan, crowds of people around us, not being able to find each other at first.

Bravery is not the absence of fear but the willful rendering of it.

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  1. Brave is many things - brave is to try without knowing you will succeed.
    Well done.

  2. "Bravery is not the absence of fear but the willful rendering of it." Nicely worded!

  3. Bravery. Sometimes I get so afraid of that word.

  4. I love your last line, it is so true - facing a fear takes a lot more bravery than running away from the fear.

  5. Beautiful, Jade! The Manhattan line touched me.

  6. This is so beautiful and wise, Jade. And written by hand in five minutes? I am terribly impressed. :)

  7. What a GREAT quote about bravery! Thanks for writing this. I think I'll try it the 5 min Friday. :)