Monday, June 4, 2012

Blessed Absurdity

I am made out of many. 
A yellow rose
spirals my shoulder;
a poinsettia blooms
beneath my collarbone.

I am grateful
for being created;
I practice leaving behind
my own falsely fashioned worlds:
theses grotesque places where I am the center
and the ones orbiting around me
are clattering me with criticisms
that are true to me.
(When will I know that I do not know?)

I am made out of many;
I escape from the falsely fashioned worlds
where I am fearful,
and enter again my sanctuary.

When I am clear and still,
I know myself:
the humor out of which I am formed,
God's cheerful laugh,
earth's fragrance, waters, and stains—
This blessed absurdity.


  1. oooh I love this and especially, "This blessed absurdity".


  2. 'When I am clear and still, I know myself' .. how true, how lovely.

  3. God's cheerful laugh,the last four lines are my favorite. This poem for me was inspiring to read. Thank and Blessings

  4. Beautiful...and since yellow roses are my favorite...I'm glad you included it...

  5. Some beautiful images here! :-)

  6. smiles....lovely bit on creations beauty that resides in each of us...and better for escaping those words too...

  7. "I am made out of many."
    E pluribus unum, so to speak. :-)

  8. Your poem is so beautiful. I especially love the last stanza - so much wisdom here. And that cheerful laugh of God's (laughing with us, not at us) sure gives us the ability to take ourselves less seriously.

  9. That last stanza is stunning ode to the Mighty Creator ~

    Beautiful share ~

  10. Oh Jade, I have missed coming over here. You have so insightful and have a wonderful way with words. This made me feel at peace just reading it.

  11. "the humor of which I am formed"...aren't we all...the beauty of being alive...bkm

  12. Oh goodness, Jade! I am speechless. This poem has such amazing beauty and wisdom. You always inspire me to be more thoughtful. :)

  13. A cheerful laugh indeed! very cool!

  14. I love, LOVE the opening line.

    I am made out of many

    An eloquent take on the prompt, with an other-worldly quality about it.

  15. breath-taking <3 thank you