Thursday, March 22, 2018

Remembering My Childhood Pets

Today I've been reflecting upon the childhood pets who have touched my life and have passed on into Paradise.

Sugar was my best friend. She loved lounging in my room with me while we listened to Classical music (both Western and Eastern). She had such a special affinity for Indian sitar music and would roll around on her back, milk white belly up, on the bed. When I would go downstairs for breakfast, she would wait in the hallway above the stairs and we'd return to my room together. She was fascinated with yoga as well and would sometimes stretch delightedly on the mat. She had such an expressive voice and meowed in various ways depending on her mood. Before she died and we were saying goodbye, my mom held her, and she placed a paw over my heart. That gesture brought me a distinctly content feeling even through the sadness of our farewell. I knew her memory would linger on within until we met again. I imagine she's in heaven now, perhaps licking some absolutely delicious apple sauce, which she delighted in on earth.

Everyone loved Spice! He was more dog than cat and would greet the family at the door. He was such a sociable boy and loved the other cats so much that when his adopted brothers, Sunshine and Midnight, were settling into their new home, they thought he was their mother and wanted to nurse from him. He was passionate about bagels with cream cheese and sitting on the lap of anyone who was studying or doing homework.

Meet Sunshine, the boy with cow-marked fur, mitten-like paws, and lover of mischief. He had a charming sense of humor, a mix of both affection and trouble. I imagine he's rolling around in heaven, eternally happy with his brothers and sister.

Midnight was a shy teddy bear who warmed up to his family, was enthralled with straws, and welcomed belly rubs. He was Sunshine's actual brother, sweet and timid.

Brandon's fur was like a soft, fluffy cloud. His personality was a unique combination of Midnight and Spice's, cheerful and gentle. He had a bounce in his step and a tiny wagging tail that was so adorable.

Remembering these wonderful pets has enriched this ordinary day.


  1. These photos are so sweet, and I enjoyed reading about all their personalities! I hope someday to get a cat of my own. We have had hens for many years; the original four are gone, but we'll always remember them with love.

    1. The memories can be bittersweet; it’s tough when you miss them but it’s a joy to remember all the love they brought while on earth.
      I’ve heard lots of good things about pet hens, though I’ve never had one myself!
      Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend. :-)

  2. Such a sweet post. I miss my animals so much. I really think they become our angels. At least I'd like to think so. :)

    1. That’s how I’ve felt too. They’re like guardian angels on earth and continue on into heaven. They appear in my dreams from time to time. Thank you for your warm comment and for visiting the blog! <3